The 50 Sycamore trees that are now full-grown were originally given to me as a gift from my father for Christmas in 1986.

On a drizzly New Year's day 1987, while most people were watching football, I planted the 50 saplings along both sides of the road into our property. As my father died later that year, the trees will always be very special.


Eagles Trace "Pot of Gold"
"The Pot of Gold at the end of this rainbow is our
outstanding vineyards". -Gus-

In 1981 Phyllis and I found this beautiful valley with open hayfields and grazing horses. Unfortunately, the place we found was not for sale. After locating the owner on the county records, we entered into negotiations and were able to purchase 40 acres in February of 1983. Along with our son, Todd and his wife, we began the development of Conn Valley Vineyards.

Over the next 23 years the vineyards produced some of the NapaValley's most successful Bordeaux styled wines; wines that received the accolades from wine consumers, wine reviewers, and journalists. Robert M. Parker Jr. once said that the grapes grown in our vineyards produce wines that taste like young Bordeaux in great vintages.

After Todd took over the operation of the Conn Valley winery and I concentrated on running the vineyards, it was less than one year before I knew I loved wine making too much to not continue making wine. So, at a time when men my age were retired, Phyllis and I founded Eagles Trace, a winery dedicated to making small lots of great wine.